GC Knives

Greg's Bio from his Website, GCKnives.

I’ve always been passion driven. Food, art, music. I was a cook for 10 years at Charlotte’s in New York’s Hudson Valley. Cooking gave me a respect and a passion for knives. You work with them every day. That’s your tool, and I wanted to make better tools for the industry.

If you love the tools you use, you enjoy the preparation of food that much more, and your customer enjoys eating it that much more. It’s virtuous cycle.

So I set out to make the best knives in the world, and that will always be my goal.

It took me only four years to achieve my Journeyman Smith certification in the American Bladesmith Society – as some of you know I’m sure, there aren’t very many of us. Now I’m working towards my Master.

Any knife with my name on it is one your family will pass on for generations