Nano-Oil     by StClaire  is available in a number of formulations including highly concentrated that can be used as is or added to most lubricants either petroleum or synthetic to increase their  anti friction, anti oxidation (anti corrosion)  & moisture barrier characteristics.
Nano-Oil by StClaire can be incorporated as part of a finished product, 
specially valuable to items with life time warranties such as multi tools & folding knives.
TM Nano-Oil has a wide range of applications covered by its different formulations Including:     
 Industrial lubrication      Bicycling     Motorcycles     Automobiles     Marine Applications
        Tractors and Farm Equiment      RC Racing (both electric and gas)     4 stroke engines              

In general all metal to metal contact will benefit with the application of 
Nano-Oil         by StClaire
in Armament: Increases muzzle velocity smoothes all moving parts while protecting from rust & abrasions