Victorinox BladeSafe

$3.95 - $5.95
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The Victorinox BladeSafe is crafted with Durable polypropylene construction. The case Locks and secures knife with rubber gripping pads on the interior for safe transport, storage, and edge protection. These cases are dishwasher safe and will stand the test of time. A Great value to add to any of your culinary blades for a great price. Store your knives in a drawer? Avoid dulling, chipping, and clanking your precious cutlery together by dressing them with a BladeSafe today. 

7303 Model - 8-10" Blades

7302 Model - 6-8" Blades

7301 Model - 4-6" Blades

7300 Model - 3-4.5" Blades