G2G Approved Mods Page

   Modifying or customizing our belongings has been around since the dawn of man, Grok etching his name into his wheel prototype or Torboll putting a nice rock pattern on his club to enhance the ergos. Whether its wanting your name on your tools so a coworker doesn't steal your gear or changing up the handle color to relive that #NKD feeling, modifying your gear is just another part of this Knife Life we all are living, so why don't you see more people changing up their gear? The dreaded VOIDED WARRANTY stamp of disapproval from the manufacturer or maker, that's why! 

   Makers and manufacturers are doing the work to design and produce a good product that appeals to the masses, and most of the time they do a great job! Comfortable ergos, a sharp edge, and some basic color options (Blue, Bronze, Black, and Green) is slapped on everything, and its sent to production, but what happens if you find the knife of your dreams but you're not a fan of a black coated blade, or maybe you need an ambidextrous hole opening method? Do you just live with this knife that you kinda really like, or do you risk voiding the warranty by sending it to a garage modder you saw on social media?

Neither, You Send It To Us! 

   Here at Way of Knife & EDC Gear House, we've been working tirelessly to handle your knives with the utmost care, breaking them down per OEM specs, coordinated by the makers and manufacturers that are willing to work with us. By utilizing preferences, specifications, and standard operating procedures, we are able to provide you, the knife enthusiast, with your customizing needs while maintaining your factory warranty! 

Presenting the G2G Page! 

   The G2G Page, or 'Good To Go' Page brings you a list of makers and manufacturers that are not only aware of our shop and what we offer the community, but also know of our methods and procedures, and have granted us permission to work on said brand without voiding your warranty. This gives all parties involved peace of mind knowing that the work done to your prized gear will be done in a way that the maker approves of and everyone goes home happy. Below you will find a list of makers and manufacturers and what they allow to be done to their brand while maintaining the factory warranty. Some brands are more strict, some not so much. At the end of the day, the owner of the gear has final say what will be done to their items, but to those that want to maintain the warranty should read and understand their options. 

   We hope that this ever growing comprehensive list comes in handy to the community and makers alike. If there is a brand or maker that you'd like to see added on the G2G page, please let us know and we'll do our best to get a hold of them to see what exactly is covered. The following is a list of some makers we've communicated with and their approved list of our services. 


Oz Machine Company - Full Disassembly, sharpening, any anodizing (of any part), blade finishes (that include stonewash or rubbing only), and laser etching (no depth/just cosmetic). 

Wehr Knives - Any modifications to production models are G2G, for refinishing on customs, please reach out to Wehr Knives directly and he can approve on a case by case basis. 

Three Rivers MFG - Any modifications to this line are Good to Go.

SPK Unlimited - Any and all modifications to the SPK line are allowed with the exception of DLC blades. 

MachineWise - Any modifications to this line are Good to Go.