Chroma Scales OD Green 3D Printed Frag Texture Scales For Demko AD20.5

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These are contoured scales for the AD20.5 model from Demko Knives. Comes along with a customized bead to match!

This is for scales only. Knife not included.

Material is Nylon PA12
Additively manufactured on an HP MJF 580. PA12 is a durable nylon that has low water absorption. Note that this material is not nearly as stiff as the stock G10 so the scales are a thicker to compensate as well as to provide thickness for contouring. Nylon is also the base material in FRN (Fiber reinforced Nylon). Durability is similar to FRN but not quite as stiff without the fiber reinforcement. It won’t shatter but it may scuff or dent over time with very heavy use.

Chroma offers a warranty all their products 100% for 1 year against manufacturing defects and anything that is not “wear and tear” under normal use. Chroma does quality checks on each set of scales to ensure they meet tolerance specifications. That being said, the industrial 3D printing process they use is advanced, complex, and can occasionally be prone to cosmetic and other errors. If you have any issues related to your purchase, email them at and they'll  will make it right.

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