Creative Freedom Modding Package

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With the Creative Freedom Option, you're leaving your piece in our hands to do as we please - for the most part. You are guaranteed 3 modifications on your piece, but often end up with 4-5 due to mirrored edges, certain techniques that are used to get to other points in the mods, etc. Of those three modifications, you get ONE piece of input - Whether that be a Color you like or something that you definitely DON'T want to see on the build. You cannot name a specific service you want done, that takes too much of the 'freedom' aspect away from us. 

Example: "I don't like carved scales.", "I like the color blue.", "NO Purple on my piece, please!". "I'd like to see this decal or pattern in some way."

If we land on a crazy idea that may be a hit or miss for most people, we will reach out prior to modding and run it by you first. Otherwise, we let our creative juices flow and we go all out on your piece. This package saves you anywhere from $40-70+ typically depending on the mods received. 

Disclaimer: We are not responsible for something you don't love. Yes, we are usually pretty easy going when it comes to addressing certain items you're not fond of, but overall, trust and creativity are what this option is all about. Rest assured, even if you don't like the outcome, you'll have a stunning piece of some sort that should move on the market without issue being it's one of a kind profile. 

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