Kizer Mini Sheepdog S35VN/Jade G10 Exclusive

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Way of Knife & EDC Gear House Exclusive! The one, the only - Kizer Cutlery Mini Sheepdog in Jade G10 Handle scales and S35VN Blade Steel! Flipper variety with stainless steel liners and titanium clip, and titanium machined pivot collar!

The materials on this build were picked by us to offer a high quality, pocket friendly, and highly customizable version of the mini sheepdog. This build brings the Jade G10 to the forefront - gorgeous in and of itself, can compliment any options alongside of it and still shine - yet also offers the ability to dye a large variety of colors - many of which have never been seen on this knife until now! On top of the premium handles, the Blade Steel is the heart of the knife and S35VN has been and will continue to be superior to many other steel options in the industry. With the 3D milled titanium clip, any flare of color or custom finish can be slapped on for all to see. The first and only Titanium pivot collar to land on any sheepdog model brings a touch of anodizing to the show side of the knife adding that one extra bit of personality to this most excellent package. 


Any Blade Finish will come with a 600 Grit working edge resharpening if the finish damages the factory edge. A mirror finished bevel is an additional addon. 

DISCLAIMER: The COPPERWASH blade finish can vary, and also wears and patinas with time. Of all finishes we offer, it is the most delicate and shouldn't be expected to last forever under any use past small slicing jobs.