WoK&EDCGH Exclusive Titanium Clip for Mini Sheepdog Models

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Now: $21.00
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This Clip, 3D Milled by Kizer Cutlery, can be found on our Exclusive Mini Sheepdog and Jade G10 Model. The Knife and Tool Logo is our mark, and it can be found laser etched on these pieces. Being Titanium, you're given multiple starting finish options along with colors to compliment those finishes. You can also choose from our three specialty finishes for a little extra fee. 

These clips fit the Titanium/S35VN model of the Mini Sheepdog, Our Jade G10 Exclusive model, along with the Vanguard G10/154CM Models of the Mini as well. 


UPDATE 11/5/19: These Clips NOW come with 2 screws fit for the clips themselves. With these screws, they will fit our Exclusive, the Titanium Models, and the Vanguard Series.