Customized Knife Guild Membership

Welcome to the world's first Knife customization subscription, the Customized Knife Guild! If there is a company willing to give it a go, you know it's going to be us! Below you will find some basic Q&A giving you a good understanding of how things are going to work. After reading, you can then choose from three tiers of the Subscription services 

What is this?

The CKG is a membership that is an annual subscription for those Knife and EDC Enthusiasts that love customizing their gear and making it unique. Also, if giving unique gifts throughout the year is your thing, having our services in your back pocket makes for excellent wedding gifts, graduation gifts, fathers day or for anything really! These packages offer significant discounts and perks to our already active modification services and creative freedom packages. 

What do I get?

As shown in the charts below, depending on the tier you choose, you will receive the bonuses accordingly. Let's dig into them a bit;

- Member Annual Package: Each year, we will design and put out an Annual Membership Coin (varying from Brass, Ti, Copper, etc) with your membership number and year. This design will also be printed on T-Shirts and Hoodies (once per year, seasonally) and shipped to members as they are released. This package also includes exclusive member stickers a few times a year (shipped when printed), and the quantity "Anytime Use" tokens for ACF and ACF+ Packages that comes with your tier. 

"Anytime Tokens" will be sent to you as a physical token, and are to be looked at as pre-paid and heavily discounted ACF and ACF+ packages. These tokens can be used anytime throughout the year between ACF Packages being dropped to the public. That means no waiting for the books to open, and you being able to choose themes on your knives and gear whenever you choose! You simply place a "Members Only ACF" order (through the website, free of charge, visible to members only) and send one of your tokens in the mail with your gear. 


- 20% OFF Mail-in Modifications: For those that have been around, you may already know that we offer 30% OFF modifications when a knife is purchase through us. Well, as a member, you get 20% OFF Modifications on ANY knife you send our way throughout your membership. Things as simple as blade finishes, anodizing refreshing, bead blasting some scratches off, etc. The discount is yours! (Member Discount Code will be provided). The only exclusion to this is Creative Freedom Packages and Coating Services. 

- Free Sharpening: You read that right! FREE Working Edge (600-800 Grit) sharpening, limited by number of knives per month depending on the tier you choose. This can save you anywhere from $360 - $1200 if you take advantage of your full allotment (Valued at $10 per knife, our standard price). This will be tracked on our end through our subscription portal Don't forget those kitchen knives! Please note, we do not sharpen serrations. 

- Free Priority Shipping Upgrade on return Shipments: For the gear you send us to work on, we will upgrade your shipping to USPS Priority Shipping at no extra cost to you. We all love quicker mailing, right?

- Free Consultations: We typically charged $25 for you to grab our attention to discuss in detail the work you'd like to have done, and even provide mockups for said work. If you follow through with the work, that fee gets applied to your overall mod cost. With a membership, you don't have to worry about that. We know you're all in with our customization work, and we thank you for that! We'll give you our time without having to lock it down with a consult charge. 

Early Access to Exclusive Drops: We love our exclusives around here! Tier 2 and 3 members will be given a 24 Hour purchasing period for ALL of our exclusive drops throughout the year. You will always have a jump on the latest and greatest drops in our shop!

- ONE TIME 25% Discount Code: Tier 2 and 3 members will receive an annual 25% Discount to be used on gear, customization orders, or any other shop items. Just another perk of the package, and a thanks to you!

- Member Only Modification Queue: As a Tier 2 and 3 member, you will join your fellow members in your very own modification queue, taking priority over our standard queue (aside from those that pay for RUSH order services). This can nearly eliminate any wait times, getting your gear in and out of our shop with incredible speed (excluding coatings & hole mod lead times)

Note: Tier names are JUST names, they do not reflect what gear you are able to send in for work.