Mail-In Service Instructions

How Our Mail-In Services Operate

1. Browse our Modifications & Services Page, find the services you wish to have done to your pieces, and add them to your cart. Return Shipping of your choice will be added based on your choosing; Flat-Rate 2-3 Day Priority ($9), or First-Class 3-5 Day Bubble Mailer ($5.00)

If you require insurance or special shipping, please click here and add that to your cart with your service order. Please understand that shipping and shipping insurance is a third party service and Way of Knife & EDC Gear House is not liable for lost items.

Contact us on Facebook , Instagram , or by Email if you have any questions about the services or combination of. You can also find a large variety of examples on our Social Media sites for reference or ideas. 

If you are purchasing a knife from us at the same time and wish to have modifications done to that knife at our 30% discounted rate, use code ADDON30 during checkout, and all mods in the cart with receive the mod-addon discount. 


2. Pack up your pieces to be sent in - we recommend USPS Small Priority Boxes (or similar) if your gear will fit - tightly taped and sealed for the secure arrival of your products. Either print your order out or make note of your order number - include it in the box with contact information so that we can keep your pieces tied to the order information. Listing your social media contact or pages will give us a quicker route of communication to you for any questions or concerns we may have. 


3. Send your package to the following address;


6669 E M-72

Williamsburg, MI. 49690


4. That's It! You will receive an email notification when it arrives to us stating your order status has changed. Within our guaranteed window we will be in touch with the final product and return shipping information.