DLC Coating Service (READ DETAILS)

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  • DLC Coating Service (READ DETAILS)
  • DLC Coating Service (READ DETAILS)
  • DLC Coating Service (READ DETAILS)
  • DLC Coating Service (READ DETAILS)
  • DLC Coating Service (READ DETAILS)
  • DLC Coating Service (READ DETAILS)
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Please Keep In Mind That This Is A Third Party Service, Once Your Order Is Received, There Are No Order Adjustments. As agreed upon with our 3rd party provider, DLC shipments are sent out every Friday morning*

  DLC (Diamond Like Carbon) is a very hard surface coating superior to all other PVD coatings. The DLC coating is very adaptable and has an excellent appearance that preserves the current finish, meaning, a bright stonewashed blade finish will be visible though the black DLC, while a matte finished blade will be a matte black DLC finish. You can get a dull/matte tactical finish on a bead blasted part or a more shiny finish on a part that is currently satin or stonewash. Be advised, if your part has scratches, emblems, logos etc they WILL show through the DLC after application. If you wish to have the logos, scratches, emblems removed prior to DLC, please check the bead blasting service box. DLC coating has excellent corrosion resistance and aids in ease of cleaning your items and looks best when oiled down. Please be advised that DLC does attract and show oils and finger prints. 


 Currently, this DLC service is only applicable only to blades, scales, liners, clips, full spacers (no hardware or barrel spacers/standoffs), or EDC tools like prybars, knucks, etc. NO HARDWARE. For Blackened titanium hardware please click here Please use the options provided to choose the parts that will be getting the DLC application. DLC is primarily applied to metals only, no synthetic parts qualify for this service.  DLC is offered to us by a third party service based in the USA which we are authorized dealers for. Please note: In addition to our lead time, this service alone has its own lead time of 5-20 business days or longer, meaning if you have a DLC service in your order and any other mod, your order will not ship until items are back from DLC despite the other parts being finished. We have no control over the lead time, so please wait the full 20 business days before asking for an update. Please keep in mind we cannot control the lead time of a third party service.

   Items do not need to be broken down or disassembled, but it is helpful to us.  

Micro Hardness (HV) 2000-3050
Coefficient of Friction 0.1 – 0.05
Thickness (um) 1.5 – 3.0
Color Black-Gray *Varies with Substrate
Coating Temperature 200° – 350°C

 Sizing Breakdown: 

Please measure your parts if you're not sure, then select from the options above. If you want scales AND liners DLC'd you must add a service for both sets. If your piece is longer than the preset size, select the larger option. If your parts size isn't represented below, contact us via email. 

 Small Blades (up to 3.25in L x 1.25in W) 

Large Blades (3.25in - 4.50in)

Small Spacer/Clip (up to 3/8in x 3in) 

Fixed Blade / Chef Blade (up to 3/8in x 12in) (NO HANDLE SCALES, BLADE STEEL ONLY)

Large Spacer/Clip (anything larger than small specs)

Small Scale, Tool,  Or Liner (up to 4.5in long) 

Large Scale, Tool, Or Liner (Starting at 4.50in - 6in) 

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