(PLEASE READ) Basic Creative Freedom Mod Package (No Themes or Requests)

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  • (PLEASE READ) Basic Creative Freedom Mod Package (No Themes or Requests)
  • (PLEASE READ) Basic Creative Freedom Mod Package (No Themes or Requests)
  • (PLEASE READ) Basic Creative Freedom Mod Package (No Themes or Requests)
  • (PLEASE READ) Basic Creative Freedom Mod Package (No Themes or Requests)
  • (PLEASE READ) Basic Creative Freedom Mod Package (No Themes or Requests)
  • (PLEASE READ) Basic Creative Freedom Mod Package (No Themes or Requests)
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With the Basic Creative Freedom Option, you're leaving your piece in our hands to do as we please - for the most part. Basic creative freedom includes at least 3 mods, excluding the more involved/pricier mods. You are guaranteed at least 3 modifications on your full knife, but often end up with 4-5. You get ONE piece of input which is something that you definitely DON'T want to see on the build. You cannot name a specific service you want done, that takes too much of the 'freedom' aspect away from us. If you know what you DO want then choose the a la cart mods and check out with those instead or add it to the cart to stack on top of your Creative Freedom order.  Multiple pieces of input will be ignored and we will choose one to abide by. Some mods that are included in the basic creative freedom are as follows:

  • Electro Anodizing
  • Specialty Finish Anodizing
  • All Blade Finishes (Excluding Laser Wash)
  • Heat Anodizing
  • Basic Lasering / Grip Mod for synthetic materials
  • Orange Peel
  • Jeweling 
  • Carving (Scales/Blades)
  • Polished Edge Sharpening
  • Spine Rounding
  • Choil Mods
  • And More!

  This package saves you anywhere from $40-$70+ typically depending on the mods received. 

When choosing the Creative Freedom for single scale or tool, keep in mind we are unable to guarantee 3 mods due to the lack of modable real estate . This option is more for getting an overall face lift for that specific piece(s), but rest assured it will look sick.

Disclaimer: We are not responsible for something you don't love. Yes, we are usually pretty easy going when it comes to addressing certain items you're not fond of, but overall, trust and creativity are what this option is all about. Rest assured, even if you don't like the outcome, you'll have a stunning piece of some sort that should move on the market without issue being it's unique profile. All sales are final on all Creative Freedom jobs.

 ***Must send knife in within 1 month or else your order is cancelled and payment is forfeited***

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37 Reviews

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    Creative freedom package

    Posted by Ryan on May 4th 2023

    This is going to sound like a broken record, as most of the other reviews say the same thing, but I was super hesitant to send in my knife and just let someone else do what ever they wanted to it. I read all the reviews and looked at the catalog of previously modded knifes and scrolled threw their social media pages and finally convinced myself to roll the dice on the creative freedom package. I can't express enough how happy I am that I did. It came back FANTASTIC! They did such an amazing job. I will definitely be sending more knifes in to get work done. If your on the fence about handing over control of your knife to strangers, just hold your breath and do it, these guys won't let you down.

  • 5
    Basic Creative Freedom Mod Package

    Posted by Ivan cannon on Mar 3rd 2023

    Thanks guys ! You did everything I was hoping for on my raggy looking HK without my input. You must be mind readers. LOVE the scale treatment !!!!

  • 5
    Basic Creative Freedom

    Posted by Peter Geiger on Feb 27th 2023

    Extremely happy with the choices made for my Manix XL, looks great!

  • 5
    Great work at great price

    Posted by Ryan Wisniewski on Feb 26th 2023

    Sent my Spyderco Smock in and the guys hit it out of the park. Really love the design and color choices they went with. Highly recommend!

  • 5
    Creative Freedom Packages

    Posted by Ed on Jan 18th 2023

    I am thrilled with the outcomes of the two creative freedom packages I sent to the guys! The process of not knowing what will happen is a bit nerve wracking yet extremely exciting. Opening the box and seeing the transformations made me feel like I just got two new knives. I highly recommend rolling the dice and letting the guys transform your piece into something unique. I am excited to send more in for this service.

  • 5
    Chaves Liberation Flipper

    Posted by Jeffrey Kreider on Oct 30th 2022

    This is the second Chaves I have had the BCF Mod Package on and I am very pleased with the final product! Another Grail in the vault! Thank you!

  • 5
    Chaves 229 Redencion custom freedom whole knife

    Posted by Jeffrey Kreider on Oct 22nd 2022

    I am completely amazed by the workmanship and quality of the knife! So amazed I ordered a second knife with full custom freedom package!

  • 5

    Posted by William Doster on Aug 19th 2022

    If you want to feel like like a kid at Christmas, BCF is a must! The custom work is second to none, but the suspense is pleasantly excruciating. If you want custom but don’t have a vision in mind, this is the way to go!

  • 5
    Creative mod

    Posted by Christopher Murray on Jun 21st 2022

    I left it up to WOK to do a creative mod and I'm very pleased with the result. Highly recommend.

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