Knife Pivot Lube (KPL)

Knife Pivot Lube Dry Film (Dry Lubricant) KPL

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  • Knife Pivot Lube Dry Film (Dry Lubricant) KPL
  • Knife Pivot Lube Dry Film (Dry Lubricant) KPL
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  • Fast Evaporating Feature: Ensures quick transition from liquid to dry film.
  • Pure Fluorinated Dry Film: Offers smoother operation and less maintenance.
  • Eco-Friendly & REACH Compliant: Offers peace of mind for environmentally-conscious users.

Introducing the KPL (Knife Pivot Lube) Dry Film—your ideal solution to avoid dust and dirt on your knife pivots and keep your blades swinging smoothly. This innovative product boasts a remarkable application process that starts as a liquid but instantly transforms into a 100% dry, fluorinated layer. With its ultra-concentrated fluorinated lubricant, you can expect smooth operation devoid of any toxic smell. It's designed not to attract any particulates thanks to its low surface energy, keeping your knife parts cleaner for longer. Plus, its food-grade solvent base incorporates high-molecular weight liquids to remove even the tiniest contaminants from knife substrates.

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